Insights to Optimize the Prospect Experience

Prospect Experience - PX and CX

By Dan McDade

Articles and solutions for customer experience (CX) are everywhere. Sure, your customer experience is important, but what about your prospects' experience? Are you paying attention to how your prospects feel about interactions with your company?

They are not going to feel positive if they run into:

  1. Pushy appointment setters

  2. Inexperienced telemarketers reading from a tedious script

  3. Spam cannons spewing email

In a recent LinkedIn article, Brian Carroll listed keys to prospecting success:

  • Getting opportunities in accounts vs. MQLs that don’t go anywhere

  • Focusing on target accounts vs. broad contact/lead lists

  • Building database of relevant contacts in accounts vs. broad coverage

  • Applying a laser-like focus vs. inbound focus (boiling the ocean)

Do pushy appointment setters create quality opportunities? Do inexperienced telemarketers reading from a script find and focus your organization on target accounts? Do spam cannons create a laser-like focus or does bulk email score humans as though they were pinballs —tracking points while missing many if not most of the high-quality buyers in the market?

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