Convert more prospects. Drive more revenue.


Convert more prospects

Drive more revenue


The customer experience helps you keep customers. The prospect experience helps you acquire them in the first place.

Chances are you’ve invested heavily in the interaction between your customers and your company. According to Gartner, CMOs prioritize customer experience but risk overlooking acquisition. Transforming your prospect experience is the smart way to accelerate revenue.

12-Point Prospect-Experience Transformation

Let me guide you (or let me do the work).


What happens when marketing has one definition of a lead and sales has another? The groups work against each other, waste time and money—and the competition wins. We’ll help you get agreement as to what constitutes a lead—and enhance the prospect experience.

4. Actionable Market Intelligence

There’s no such thing as a wasted call. Each touch is an opportunity to collect data that makes the next touch more productive. How satisfied are users of competitive solutions? What do they need? How mature is the market? We’ll help you capture insights that help you sell more.


A playbook documents everything your team needs to generate, qualify, nurture leads, and close deals, including process workflows, cultural values, call flows and other content that shapes consistent communication. We guide you in documenting everything needed—techniques, tools and messaging—to help all team members perform as well as the best team members.

10. Cadence Management

How many dials per day? How many voicemails per day? How many emails per day? How many dials, voicemails and emails per prospect per touch cycle? How long is the touch cycle? Testing will help you continuously optimize the cadence. We’ll show you how.


Most companies prospect too broadly. Transforming your prospects’ experience requires marketing and sales to pinpoint markets based on size, vertical, location, environment and active or latent need. So rather than prospect in what seems like a bottomless pit, we help you focus and save money.

5. Value Statements

Value statements are expressions of how a given product, service or brand fits a prospect’s needs. What benefits will decision makers and users experience if they buy? We’ll show you how to uncover the value that prospects in your market niche expect and clearly articulate it.

8. MARKETING Resource assessment & plan

Rather than marketing responding to endless requests from sales for materials (case studies, whitepapers, data sheets, etc.), we identify exactly what’s required to get the job done and put together a plan to prioritize development of materials that don’t already exist. Most companies produce far more content than needed.

11. Multi-Cycle Nurture Processes

While nurturing can triple return on your marketing investments—it is often the most underutilized activity at a marketer’s disposal. When you make nurturing part of your lead management workflow, no lead is left behind. There is a next step for every outcome. We’ll help you use nurturing to get every penny of value out of your spend.


Determining which prospects can be most efficiently worked makes you more productive. Prioritizing high-return segments—to the point of diminishing return—increases results by up to 50% and reduces cost of sales by as much as 30%. We’ll show you how.

6. Defendable Differentiators

According to Forbes, when you have defendable differentiators, your job is to educate the customer; when you don’t, your job is to outsell the competition. We’ll help you decide which approach is right for you and train and coach you on the best way to put it in action.

9. Benchmarking, Metrics and Reporting

What percent of prospects become leads, pipelines and nurtures? What percent of Marketing Qualified Leads become Sales Qualified Leads? What percent of Sales Qualified Leads close? We help you understand what needs to be measured and reported to maximize results.

12. Technology Stack

Companies over invest in technology. Automation can help you scale, but if you’re automating bad processes then all you are doing is getting more poor-quality leads to sales faster than ever before. Let us help you identify the tools that truly add value, and those that can distract your team and waste your budget.


The work Dan did for our company taught us about our customers and enabled us to target the most lucrative markets—resulting in a 45% compound annual growth rate for five straight years.
— Karen Hayward, Managing Partner & CMO, Chief Outsiders


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If you suspect sub-optimal prospect experiences are costing you customers, it’s time for change. By elevating the interaction your prospects have with your company, you convert more, and grow.

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